Eye Ease Homeopathic

Eye Ease

Bottle $8.19

If your pet’s hairs are stained due to tears then use Eye Ease Homeopathic to give them a fresh and clean look. It contains zinc and vitamin C and acts as an eye cleanser.


Eye Ease Homeopathic is useful in reducing inflammation in the eyes and also protects your pet from all the types of eye discomfort. The components of Eye Ease Homeopathic are zinc and vitamin C which helps in clear and healthy eyes of your pets.


Thomas labs are the manufacturer of Eye Ease Homeopathic.


Take the Eye Ease Homeopathic and apply few drops to both eyes and then allow it to rinse over the surface of eyes. Use cotton to clean the excess drained drops.


Vitamin C and Zinc in a buffered solution are the main ingredients of Eye Ease Homeopathic.

Side Effects

No side effects have been reported so far.


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