Tape Worm Tabs

Tape Worm Tabs

5 Tablets (Dogs) $15.99
3 Tablets (Cats) $9.99
3-PACK with 9 Tablets (Cats) $27.99
3-PACK with 15 Tablets (Dogs) $45.99

Tape Worm Tabs is the only OTC treatment which contains praziquantel, and is very safe and effective in treatment against tapeworms. Also this product is suited for both cats and dogs.


There are two different products. One is Tape Worm Tabs – Feline and other is Tape Worm Tabs- Canine. Feline is used for removal of tapeworms in cats and kittens which are more than 6 week old where as Canine is the one used for dogs and puppies (over 4 week old). Both of these are very safe and effective in treatment. The working of this tabs depend on the impairing of the function of AE sucker and thus stimulating the movement of the worms. Due to this, the parasites which are attached to the intestinal tract are removed and are thrown out of the body thorough excretion. Also administration of this drug is very simple. It can be either given orally or can be crushed and mixed with the food. It works extremely effectively if fleas are completely removed prior to this medication.


Tradewinds is the manufacturer of Tape Worm Tabs.


Dosage of dogs and cats differ and is given below:-
This dose is on monthly basis.
Dogs under 5lbs – ½ tablet of Tape Worm
Dogs between 6 – 10lbs – 1 tablet of Tape Worm
Dogs between 11 – 15lbs – 1 ½ tablets of Tape Worm
Dogs between 16 – 30lbs – 2 tablets of Tape Worm
Dogs between 31 – 45lbs – 3 tablets of Tape Worm
Dogs between 46 – 60lbs – 4 tablets of Tape Worm
Dogs over 60lbs – 5 tablets of Tape Worm

The monthly dosage of cats is as follows:
Cats under 4lbs – ½ tablet of Tape Worm
Cats between 5 – 11lbs – 1 tablet of Tape Worm
Cats over 11lbs – 1 ½ tablets of Tape Worm


The main ingredient of Tape Worm Tabs is Praziquantel

Side Effects

Though the side effects are very rare but in some cases it can lead to diarrhea, vomiting, drowsiness or loss of appetite in cats where as in case of dogs it can lead to diarrhea. It is strongly advised not to use it on pets which are allergic.

3 Reviews For Tape Worm Tabs

  1. Ayesha

    I had cats for years living in New York and never had a problem with Tape worms. As soon as I moved to Flordia, problem! I got my cat on tapeworm tabs and the result is wonderful. Works great.

  2. Shanta

    Tape worm tabs work great. My cat frequently goes outside and when they catch mice, they sometimes get tapeworms, but tape worm tabs get rid of the problem

  3. Gunther

    I’m a consistent orderer of Tape Worm Tabs and I have to say it really works. I have 5 cats and they are all kept very healthy. No more worms, all gone. My dog uses it for her dogs too, works great for both cats and dogs.


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