120 count, Small Breed $18.99
120 count,Large Breed $21.59
60 count, Large Breed $12.30
60 count, Small Breed $11.36

Arthramine consists of several active ingredients which provide supplemental nutrition to your pet and thus maintains healthy joints. Free movement of your dog can be hindered with rising age due to pain, stiffness or inflammation.


It is available in liver flavor so its very appealing to your pet. So buy it now to maintain healthy joints of your pet.


Arthramine is manufactured by Intl Vet Sci


The dosage of Arthramine depends on weight of your dog. It is available in chewable tablets and 1 tablet per 75lbs of weight of body is administered. In case you wish to give it to small dogs then break the tablet in small pieces.


The main ingredients are listed below:-
1. Glucosamine (500mg)
2. Vitamin C (120mg)
3. Omega-3 fatty acids (20mg)
4. Manganese (20mg)

Side Effects/Precautions

No major side effects are reported but in case of over dose your dog may experience diarrhea


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