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Glyco-Flex is a very nutritional dietary supplement which is suitable for all breed of dogs. It comprises of Perna Mussels which consists some important nutrients which are helpful in the management of degenerative arthritis.


Glyco-Flex is very effective supplement whose nutrition value is due to the biological activity of 57 items in the Perna Mussel.


Glyco-Flex is manufactured by Vetri-Science


It consists of
1. 600mg Perna Canaliculus (Green-Lipped) Mussel
2. 200 mg Brewer’s Yeast
3. 200 mg Alfalfa


The direction of Glyco-Flex depends on the weight of your dog.

For dogs weighing up to 15lbs
Give 2 tablets per day for the initial 4-6 weeks period and after the initial period give 1 tablet per day.

For dogs weighing between 16lbs-30lbs
For initial period give 3 tablets per day and after the initial period is over give 2 tablets per day.

The tablets should be administered between AM and PM. Buy 600mg tablets for your large dogs.

Side Effects/Precautions

No side effects are known till date.


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