Conofite Cream 2% 15gm $11.50

Conofite (miconazole nitrate) lotion is very useful in the treatment of fungal infections in cats and dogs. These fungal infections can be caused by Microsporum gypseum, Microsporum canis and Trichophyton mentagrophytes.


It is advised to first diagnose the infected part by using microscopic examination. This microscopic examination can be done by using a solution of potassium hydroxide. Mount the infected tissue in that solution or we can also use the other method that is culturing on an appropriate medium.


Schering-Plough is the manufacturer of Conofite.


Consult your veterinarian for dosage details depending on your pet.


The main ingredients are Ethyl alcohol 55%., polyethylene glycol 400, 1.15% miconazole nitrate equivalent to 1% miconazole base by weight).

Side Effects/Precautions

It is very safe to use this lotion but in case it causes any irritation or sensitization, it is advised to stop using it. Also any contact with eyes should be avoided and hands should be washed properly as there is a chance of fungal infection.


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