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GastroGard Oral Paste

Gastrogard Oral Paste Syringe

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6.15grams 14 syringes $207.00

The use of GastroGard Oral Paste is for the treatment of stomach ulcers in horses and foals.


GastroGard Oral Paste assists in decreasing acid production in the stomach of the four weeks and older horses. It is the first equine medication approved by FDA for preventing the reappearance of gastric ulcers even when the horses are training continously.


GastroGard Oral Paste is manufactured by Merial.


It is generally an oral medication which is given once a day for four weeks. The dosage should be given as prescribed by the veterinarian and if there is any difficulty regarding giving the dosage then veterinarian should be consulted. If the medication is not given in prescribed schedule then ulcers cab be worsen.


The active ingredient Omeprazole is the leading anti-ulcer medication which is contained in it.

Side Effects

The manufacturer has reported no adverse side effects.


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