Pet Care Choice
Blue for Dogs 22 lbs (0-10 kg) (6 tablets) $22.75
Green for Dogs 22 to 44 lbs (10-20 kg) (6 tablets) $23.75
Brown for Dogs 44 to 88 lbs (20-40 kg) (6 tablets) $30.75

Valuheart is used for the treatment of disease related to heartworm in dogs.


The active ingredients of Valuheart are same as in Heartgard tablets. This medication is given monthly to dogs for the treatment of heartworm disease.


Value Plus manufactures this medication.


Before the start of prevention therapy, the testing should be performed in dogs to identify the heartworm disease. The medication of Valuheart is given once a month and throughout year. It should not be given to puppies below six weeks of age. The animals allergic to this medication should not be given this product.


The ingredient used in Valuheart is Ivermectin.

Side Effects

The side effects of Valuheart medication are rare but in clinical trials after treatment, some dogs that have high circulating microfilariae were observed with symptoms of transient diarrhoea.


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