Bio Spot Yard and Garden Spray

Pre Strike Yard and Garden Spray

32oz Container $20.99

If you need a effective product for the elimination of pests then Bio Spot Yard and Garden Spray is the one you need. Your pet’s surroundings are also that important as the pet’s health. Bio Spot Yard and Garden Spray provides relief even before the problem starts. So it’s based on the principle prevention is better than cure. It is available in a 1-quart spray bottle which kills all the fleas, ticks, crickets, ants and other irritating insects.


A healthy environment is one of the prime needs for a healthy pet. Bio Spot Yard and Garden Spray does just that and provides a healthy environment by killing all the insects and is effective for four weeks.
A Single spray bottle is enough to treat as much as a 5000 square foot area.


Bio Spot Yard and Garden Spray is manufactured by Farnam


Bio Spot Yard and Garden Spray is very effective and its application is also very simple. Just attach the bottle with the garden hose and start spraying. Spray it on all the areas of your garden like trees, shrubs etc.


Main ingredient is Permethrin 2.5%, rest 97.5% are other ingredients

Side Effects/Precautions

Till date no side effects are reported.


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