Pet Supplies


Zimecterin Gold Paste is the most effective parasite control treatment in horse.

Recovery EQ

Recovery EQ is mainly used in degenerative disease and lameness from injury in horses.

HomeoPet Anxiety Relief Drops

HomeoPet Anxiety Relief Drops are helpful in preventing anxiety and stress of animals.

GastroGard Oral Paste

The use of GastroGard Oral Paste is for the treatment of stomach ulcers in horses and foals.

Adams Yard Spray

Adams Yard Spray is beneficial as it kills various types of insects.

Adams Fly Repellent Spray

Adams Fly is an insecticide and repellent that is used for horses to kill and repel mosquitoes, house flies, chiggers, lice, face flies, gnats, stable flies, ticks and mites. It includes Aloe Vera, sunscreen and lanolin.


Valuheart is used for the treatment of disease related to heartworm in dogs.

Popantel Allwormer for Dogs

Popantel Allwormer is used in dogs to control all gastrointestinal worms.

Nuheart Heartworm

Nuheart Heartworm is used for dogs and cats to prevent heartworm disease.

Aloveen Shampoo

Aloveen Shampoo is medicated and is used to cure inflamed and irritating skin of dogs and cats…